Your Heart: Your Health Risk Factors, Heart Disease, and You

Your Heart Health: Your Health Risk Factors, Heart Disease, and YouHeart health is integral to overall health. In fact, the Mayo Clinic advises that even seemingly small and insignificant first steps toward improving your heart health can provide dramatic overall benefits. It’s a simple fact that heart disease is the top health threat that Americans face but by making simple changes, you can bolster your heart health. An experienced chiropractor can help.

Risk Factors, Heart Disease, and You

Risk factors for heart disease are complicated and varied, but there are several factors that you can personally address through your lifestyle choices:

  • High blood pressure and high cholesterol can both play a significant role in heart health; increasing your movement and eating a diet rich in whole foods can help.
  • Engaging in coronary-prone behavior, such as having unreasonable expectations and being overly competitive, angry, and aggressive is irrefutably linked to decreased heart health; participating in activities like meditation, volunteer work, yoga, and increased community involvement can all help you expand your perspective and adopt new behaviors.
  • Coping with stress by engaging in unhealthy habits, such as unhealthy eating, excessive drinking, sleeping too little or too much, and smoking, also contributes to heart disease; even making moderate positive changes in these habits can have profoundly positive effects.

These contributing factors to heart disease each provide an opportunity to make changes – no matter how small – that can improve your heart health and your life. By helping you to reduce your stress and embrace healthy choices, chiropractic care can guide you toward a healthier heart.

For the Health of Your Heart, Contact a Tampa Bay Chiropractor Today 

An experienced chiropractor can help you shape up your heart care. And don’t worry, you won’t have to make huge changes to reap dramatic rewards. If you are interested in what chiropractic care has to offer your heart health, do not hesitate to contact Tampa Bay Spine & Injury for an appointment today. Our mission is to provide you with the tools you need to be your happiest and healthiest. We have two offices that are conveniently located in Brandon (813-381-3852) and St. Petersburg (727-898-3852), so get to the heart of the matter and give us a call – or email us through our online contact form.


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