“I have never been to a doctors office where the staff is so professional but makes you feel like you are part of a family.When you go there you truly know that they care about the recovery of their patients first. They evaluate each patient individually to determine and design a therapeutic plan that is custom tailored around each patients needs to promote optimum healing.
This is not just a chiropractic center. This is a multi tier medical facility. They have state of the art equipment on site. As well as a knowledgeable staff that specializes in different types of healing techniques to facilitate your healing at all levels.
I was in a car accident and ended up having to have a surgery that was more severe than what was first estimated. I truly believe that Tampa Bay Spine & Injury has been a determining factor in my recovery. I would recommend them to anyone.”

C. G.

“As a retired Nurse and from a Medical family, I would highly recommend the medical treatment of this entire office. This past year after suffering extremely painful injuries, with the professional advice of Morgan & Morgan, my treatment for pain and physical therapy started here thankfully! The medical care I received from every member of this team has been extraordinary and a blessing in my time of need! Thank you!”

P. F.

“I absolutely LOVE Tampa Bay Spine & Injury! They take such good care of my entire family & they are pretty much like an extended family to us. We’ve been getting chiropractic care here since Dr. Magdovitz was there & I know he would be so proud of the wonderful team who took over in his place! Everyone is so friendly & caring & you can’t beat their personal attention to your chiropractic needs. I would recommend Tampa Bay Spine & Injury to everyone for a happier, healthier you, especially if you want a great experience with every visit! :)”

K. B.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Mark Elliot for about a year now and I have always been impressed with his knowledge, skills and ability to make my pain go away. His magic hands make my day to day life as a business owner less stressful and less painful. Thank you for that. The entire staff is friendly, professional and always helpful. If chiropractic care is not part of you life, I urge you to give it a try and this is the place to try.”

-L. W.

“I have known the staff and doctors of Tampa Bay Spine & Injury for over 2 years now, and I must say I am even more impressed by this office as they continue to grow! With now adding a Medical Director MD, as well as ARNP to their staff, its nice to see an office become a fully functional office for more than just the Chiropractic patient. When I first came for treatment 2 years ago, not only was I greeted by their front desk in a positive way, but the office itself was clean, upbeat, and truly an enjoyable environment. Dr. Mark Elliott was the one who treated me after I was in a car accident, and my experience with him was great! I was apprehensive about adjustments because it was my first time doing so, and he made me feel very comfortable, was thorough about what I was to expect, and before I left, I felt immediate relief in my back. I was pleasantly surprised. My observation about wait time in their office seemed really organized, as did their whole patient interaction process. The doctor walked me up to the front desk when I was finished and anything I needed to know was explained to me, and then I was able to finish my check out process so to speak with the front desk. The office is always very professional when I come in, and they have had many of the same employees there which is important to me and says a lot about an Employer in my opinion. I would highly recommend Tampa Bay Spine & Injury to anyone wanting to better their health, and or should you get in an accident, I am certain you will get taken care of with great care!”


“I got into a car accident in November of 2013 and was originally referred to a different clinic by my regular physician but I wasn’t getting the care I felt I needed and was uncomfortable with the environment so I called a friend who happened to be a lawyer and he referred me to Tampa Bay Spine & Injury. I called to make an appointment in the beginning of December of 2013 and they got me in the very same day. They were welcoming and very thorough. They could see that I was in a lot of pain and they made sure that they did everything possible to make sure I was as comfortable as possible while I was there and while I was at home. They gave me ice packs, a tens unit, and the medication I needed for home without trying to just prescribe me drugs for the pain and send me on my way like the original clinic that I had been referred to. Dr. Theresa as well as Dr. Mark, Dr. Rob, and Dr. Scott all have a great ethic and really want their patients to get better, so I thought it was great that they didn’t just prescribe me a bunch of pain meds to mask the pain, but instead put me on a plan to heal with decompression, chiropractic care, in clinic tens, massage and rehab. They all communicate with each other very well and make sure that you are on the right track and that you are getting the care that you need. If they ever feel you need to do more or less they will let you know right away and will communicate with you. They are not going to release you from their care (if its for an accident like me) if you aren’t ready, which I appreciate. The rest of the staff is just as amazing. Nicole is always smiling when I walk in and always greets me by my name and knows my voice when I call on the phone and asks me about how I am doing. Melanie is friendly and conversational and doesn’t treat me like just another patient. She always asks me about how I am doing and vise versa. Colin gives amazing massages and always listens to me about where I am hurting the most and pays attention to that area without neglecting other areas of pain, And last but not least Terin who does my rehab is awesome (even though this is my least favorite part of my treatment). She motivates me to go further and get better but never pushes me farther than I can physically go and allows me to go at my own pace but also stay on track. I have been going to Tampa Bay Spine & Injury for 4 months now and when I started going there I could hardly move because of my car accident and now I feel better than I have in years. I have a very physically draining job and have always had some pain but now I have almost none. I am now exercising, I have lost 24 LBS, and I am even sleeping better. When I am done with treatment, which I almost am, I plan on staying with Tampa Bay Spine & Injury for my Chiropractic care through my health insurance. Tampa Bay Spine & Injury is like a family to me and they genuinely care about each other, their patients and their quality of care and life and I would recommend them to anyone.”

-M. F.

“The doctors and staff at Tampa Bay Spine & Injury are among the most professional, competent, caring and compassionate medical personnel I’ve encountered. They truly treat the whole person, not just the injury/physical problem. Highly recommend!”

-L. L.

“The name here says it all. They have various types of Dr’s and treatments available to serve all types of general and specific health concerns. I’ve only been in here a few times but I don’t see myself needing to go anywhere else anytime soon! Highly recommend!”

-J. H.