Soft Tissue Injury Treatment Options

Soft Tissue Injury Treatment OptionsThere are many parts of the human body that can be injured. You can break or fracture bones, dislocate a joint, damage your skin, and you can also damage parts of your body referred to as “soft tissue.” Soft tissue commonly refers to the ligaments, muscles, and tendons that help connect the parts of the body together and give the body the strength to move. These injuries can be extremely painful, can significantly restrict movement, and can take a long time to heal.

Types of Soft Tissue Injuries

The following are some examples of common soft tissue injuries:


Soft tissue injuries can happen all at once from a single accident or traumatic event. This can include landing wrong and twisting your ankle, causing strain to the tendons and ligaments in that area. You can also develop soft tissue injuries from overuse or repetitive motions, which is common in athletes, musicians, and other careers that require repeated typing, lifting, or reaching.

Helpful Treatment Options

Some soft tissue injuries can improve on their own through rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE). However, some soft tissue injuries may require the help of a professional to fully treat the injury and resolve your pain.

When you think about chiropractic treatment, you likely think about manipulation of the spine, joints, and bones of the back and neck. However, chiropractors regularly and successfully treat patients with a variety of soft tissue injuries, as well. A chiropractor will work to minimize the scar tissue forming as your injury heals, which can reduce the risk of further injury and help you maintain maximum flexibility in that part of the body. This can reduce your pain faster without having to rely on medications.

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