Myofascial Release Therapy & Therapeutic Foam Rolling

Myofascial Release Therapy & Therapeutic Foam RollingFoam Rolling, also known as myofascial release, is a therapeutic technique that focuses physical attention on myofascial tissues, which the Mayo Clinic describes as those tough membranes that wrap around, connect, and help support your muscles. With myofascial release therapy, an experienced specialist will help you locate those myofascial areas that are rigid and fixed in place, rather than pliant and easily moveable. These fixed areas, or trigger points, are believed to decrease the movement of your muscles and joints and to contribute to increased and widespread muscle pain – even though they may not be located near what you consider to be your pain’s source. By attending to these areas, you can decrease pain throughout the body and improve flexibility and mobility.

Therapeutic Benefits of Foam Rolling

A specialist with expertise in foam rolling will locate your trigger points and will apply the therapy’s manual pressure and stretching to help loosen your restricted movement and to help reduce your muscle pain. In order to increase the therapeutic benefits, a specialist will probably also develop an individualized plan for you to implement regularly on your own. Therapeutic foam rolling can include benefits such as:

  • Loosening of tight muscles
  • Preventing injury
  • Decreasing muscle soreness, fatigue, and pain
  • Increasing muscle elasticity and flexibility

If you are suffering from a myofascial trigger point of your own, consult with a trained specialist who has experience in myofascial release therapy.

Contact a Tampa Bay Chiropractor Today to Explore the Benefits of Foam Rolling

If you are suffering from tight muscles or a trigger point – or think that you might be – you should not hesitate to contact Tampa Bay Spine & Injury for an appointment today. Because our goal is to help you feel your best, we will create a truly individualized treatment plan that will rejuvenate and relax your tired, tight, and painful muscles. We have two offices that are conveniently located in Brandon (813-381-3852) and St. Petersburg (727-898-3852), so please call and let us help you explore the benefits of foam rolling.


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