Work Injury Physical Therapy Says “Make Your Workspace Work for You”

Work Injury Physical Therapy Says "Make Your Workspace Work for You"You spend a lot of time at work, and you naturally want to feel and do your best while you’re there. Instead of simply plowing through your inbox every morning, take an extra moment to think about how your workspace can help maximize your workday goals, including renewed energy and increased productivity.

Office Ergonomics

There are several basic yet effective workspace adjustments – endorsed by the Mayo Clinic, no less – that you can employ to promote healthier posture, increased energy, and improved productivity:

Choose a desk chair that adjusts in a way that allows your thighs to remain parallel to the floor while your feet rest flat on the floor and that comfortably supports the curve of your spine. If the combination of your desk and chair don’t allow your feet to rest comfortably on the ground, a footrest is a good option.

Make sure that your desk is set at a comfortable height for you (you can play around with different chair-height and footrest combinations). Keep your desktop clear of unnecessary items and make sure that you have adequate clearance under your desk for your knees, thighs, and feet to rest and move comfortably – avoid under-desk storage.

Your computer monitor should be placed directly in front of you at about an arm’s length, the top of your screen should sit almost exactly at eye level – or slightly below if you wear bifocals, and your keyboard should be directly in front of your monitor.

These elements are integral to increasing productivity through expanded workspace comfort.

Getting the Details Right

The details matter; keep them in mind when considering your workspace. For example, it’s important to keep work-related items, like your phone, stapler, and printed matter, close to you. Don’t stretch and strain to access what you need; make standing and moving part of the process. Additionally, Keep your mouse within easy reach of and on the same level as your keyboard, which should remain directly in between you and your monitor. In order to eliminate unnecessary physical stress and strain, make sure that you are able to keep your wrists straight, your upper arms close, and your hands at or just below elbow level when working at your computer.

Creating a more ergonomic workspace can mean the difference between a ho-hum and an energized workday. An experienced chiropractor can also help guide you on the path to a more energized and productive you.

Contact a Tampa Bay Chiropractor for Work Injury Physical Therapy

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