Does a Herniated Disc Require Surgery?

Does a Herniated Disc Require Surgery?Your spinal “discs” are the cushions between the vertebrae, which are made up of a tough exterior ring that surrounds a softer jelly-like center. When the jelly begins to push out into the exterior part of the disc, you can be diagnosed with a herniated disc. Herniated discs can cause nerve pain in the back, the legs, or the arms, as well as weakness, numbness, or tingling sensations. Sometimes, if your disc has begun to herniate, a simple sneeze or cough could be enough to progress the condition to the point of causing pain.

When someone thinks of injury to part of the spine, they likely first think that back surgery will be required to fix this serious issue. However, there are many different options for treating a herniated disc that do not involve surgical procedures.

First, a doctor may want to immediately prescribe narcotic painkillers, muscle relaxers, and other medications that can affect your mental state. You should know that medicine is not the only option for pain management and a chiropractor will have ways to adjust your spine to help relieve pain on a long-term basis.

A chiropractor will fully evaluate your condition to see how it is affecting your nerves, reflexes, muscle strength, and sensory abilities. An evaluation can involve the entire spinal column, even if you only feel pain in your lower back. This is because one part of the spine will affect how the other parts of the spine function, as well. Based on your evaluation, your chiropractor will develop a treatment plan specifically tailored to your symptoms, which may include:

All of the above techniques can be used to treat herniated discs without the need for surgery that may present the risk of complications and infection.

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