Getting Back to a Healthy Back

Tampa Bay ChiropractorIf you experience recurring back pain, you probably regularly ponder what you’re doing to cause that pain. Your back pain is not necessarily injury based; it is more likely a result of your cumulative lifestyle choices and habits. This makes the specific culprit behind your back pain difficult to pinpoint. Never fear, an experienced chiropractor will help you get to the bottom of this musculoskeletal pain and will teach you improved methods for facing your back pain head on.

Your Life May Be a Pain in Your Back

Life is the number one culprit when it comes to back pain. This sounds silly and obvious, but it is also very true. Your life is made up a series of opportunities to take better or worse care of your back, and sometimes you probably quietly choose less-than-ideal options, including poor posture, sudden increases in activity, and unchecked repetitive motion. Your back pain probably stems from a collection of factors – rather than any single incident or physical tendency. For example, you may have upped your exercise regime a bit, given in to slouching in an office chair that needs replacing, given up on getting enough sleep each night, and started dashing up the stairs rather than waiting for the next elevator. All of these seemingly minor factors can add up to a “My Aching Back!” Situation.

Back-Strain Prevention

Life always intervenes, but there are ways to build back-strain prevention into your daily lineup:

  • Lift with your legs every single time (you’ve heard it before, but this one bears repeating over and over again);
  • Strengthen your core with core-specific exercises (an experienced chiropractor is a great resource);
  • Strike a posture-perfect pose (healthy posture is an essential ingredient for a healthy back);
  • Embrace stress-reduction techniques, including meditation, yoga, and chiropractic care (stress can manifest in your back muscles); and
  • Be your healthiest you (a healthy lifestyle bolsters back health).

Back pain can creep in at unexpected times, and there is no reason that you should try to power through it alone. An experienced chiropractor knows how to alleviate your pain and how to guide you toward a back-pain-banishing lifestyle.

Get Back to a Healthy Back by Contacting a Tampa Bay Chiropractor Today

Give your back the attention it deserves, and kick your pesky back pain to the curb. If you suffer from recurring back pain, do not hesitate to contact Tampa Bay Spine & Injury for an appointment today. We are here to help, so give us a call at one of our two conveniently located offices in Brandon (813-381-3852) and St. Petersburg (727-898-3852).

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