First Chiropractic Visit. What to Expect.

Tampa Bay Spine & Injury strives to provide individuals and families affordable high-quality physical care to the region at a reasonable rate.  In order to provide you expedient care, we accept car insurance plans and most major medical insurance policies.

Creating an Individualized Medical History:

Upon you initial visit to Tampa Bay Spine & Injury, we will request your assistance in building a comprehensive digital history of your medical condition.  Your participation in the preparation of your patient history will ensure that we have a full understanding of the scope and nature of your pain, and it helps to make you a partner in our plan to restore your wellness.  If you are unable to use the touch screen computer on your own, a member of the Tampa Bay Spine & Injury team will assist you with the gathering and input of your medical history.

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Discussing Your Medical Concerns and Treatment Options:

While a digital medical history is in and of itself a solid foundation for a medical treatment plan, it does not provide a complete understanding of your condition(s). The Tampa Bay Spine & Injury medical staff has built a practice in which each patient receives an individualized treatment plan based on the outcomes of your medical and physical examinations.  You will have the opportunity to discuss your health problems, concerns you have about symptoms, some potential treatment options and concerns you may have about treatment that is available.  Your initial visit with a medical professional is designed to give you both an opportunity to put your condition in context, and develop a plan which can meet your health and wellness goals.

In addition to our hands-on approach, which allows you to meet with a member of our medical staff to discuss any health problems, our multi-disciplinary approach ensures that a nurse practitioner will always be available during office hours.  All who visit will also be able to access their insurance plans more readily, and you will find that there is insurance coverage options for treatments not typically covered in a typical chiropractic office.  It is our firm belief that our teamwork will return you to better health faster.

The Comprehensive Medical Examination Process:

As with any medical appointment, there comes that uncomfortable moment in which you need to be physically examined to determine the extent of your health related issues.  While this would be a difficult situation in any “one size fits all” medical facility, the members of our medical staff understand that you are in pain; frustrated by the situation and very likely frightened about what the results may be. Their experience and professionalism make all of these things more comfortable and patients often feel much more at ease knowing that their healthcare professional knows how to handle their situation. Your comprehensive medical exam will include testing your reflexes, a review of your range of motion, neurological testing, orthopedic testing, postural testing and various physical tests.  All testing will require your consent.

Diagnostic Imaging:

If proper diagnosis of your medical condition requires X-ray images, staff from Tampa Bay Spine & Injury will initially work with your former medical care provider to acquire any imaging completed at other facilities.  If images are not available, we may need to take a new series of X-rays. Our policy is to avoid exposing patients to any unnecessary radiation so if there is no use for imaging, no X-rays will be taken.

Report of Findings:

Upon a complete review of your medical history, consultation notes, medical examination and any/all diagnostic imaging, a member of our medical team will provide you a detailed report of all findings and answer any questions including:

  1. How will Tampa Bay Spine & Injury be able to help me?
  2. How often will I need to visit the Tampa Bay Spine & Injury office?
  3. What will be the total projected cost of my physical treatment?

The doctor will discuss recommendations for treatment and notify you if a prescribed course of action requires care outside of our own medical practice.  Our staff is only interested in providing you with the best treatment and wellness program for your individualized needs.

Prescribed Treatment:

Any course of treatment will be based on your personal preferences for care. We feel that you are your own best advocate. We will put the power of your care in your hands by keeping the dialogue open and honest based on our expertise and your own personal medical needs.

If you do not have medical insurance, the staff from Tampa Bay Spine & Injury will also work with you to develop a flexible payment plan that fits your budget.

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