The Effects of a Bulging Disc & Slipped Disc Pain Management

The Effects of a Bulging Disc & Slipped Disc Pain ManagementA bulging disc (also sometimes called a herniated disc) may or may not induce pain. Discs work like cushions between the vertebrae – the bones of your spine. These discs are comprised of a tough outer layer of cartilage that encases the softer cartilage in the disc’s center, and they fit neatly between your vertebrae. They work to cushion your vertebrae and to keep it in place. Age and wear can cause discs to bulge over time, and these bulges occur most often in the lower back.


A bulge can lessen the disc’s ability to act like a rubbery cushion between your vertebrae and can put excess pressure on a spinal nerve. While some bulging discs are asymptomatic, others can cause complications like pain, tingling, muscle weakness, and muscle spasms.


Effects on Your Lifestyle

A bulging disc can significantly affect your everyday life. Bulging discs can lessen your range of motion and can lead to back pain that can be exacerbated by the stresses of daily physical activity. When this discomfort is ongoing, it can negatively affect your quality of life and limit your engagement in a variety of everyday activities that involve lifting, reaching, and walking.

A bulging disc very rarely requires surgery. There are conservative treatment options such as over-the-counter pain medication, hot and cold packs, and moderate bed rest that can help alleviate discomfort and mitigate limitations on your lifestyle. If you do have a bulging disc that continues to negatively affect your life, seek the help that you need.


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