Drink Up

Tampa Bay ChiropractorSummer’s coming, and it’s a good time to review the basics, including fun in the sun, sunscreen, shade, trashy beach reads, and…plenty of water. Staying hydrated with clean, thirst-quenching water is fundamental to your health and well-being. Water, after all, makes up nearly 70 percent of your body, so drink up and make the most of your summer.

Hydration and Health

Hydration is the foundation of health and survival. Simply put, none of us can survive without enough water. Summer’s heat puts an additional stressor on your body, and it’s important to ensure that you’re getting the water that you need. In fact, dehydration can affect your body in surprising ways:

  • Dehydration Can Masquerade as Hunger – Yes, hunger pains are indicative of hunger, but they can also be a cry for better hydration. Inadequate water consumption can lead you to believe you’re hungry when you’re actually thirsty. If you’re not sure whether you’re hungry or in need of hydration, down a glass of water and let your body decide.
  • Dehydration Is Linked to Allergies and Asthma – Dehydration is closely associated with both allergies and asthma. When you’re dehydrated, your body’s histamine goes to work rationing water, which leads to increased histamine levels. These increased levels increase your allergic response and lower your immunity. When this systemic response pattern becomes severe, it can lead to asthma.
  • Dehydration Can Lead to Exhaustion – Do you find that you’re falling asleep in the afternoon and reaching for yet another cup of coffee too often? Research reveals that even a small decrease in your body’s water levels can result in energy loss and a decreased metabolism. One of caffeine’s classic effects is dehydration; water is a more effective energizer than coffee is.

Water: How Much?

Everyone is looking for that silver bullet: How much water is the perfect amount? While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, there are some good rules of thumb to consider. In general, dividing your body weight in half will provide you with the number of ounces of water you should shoot for on any average day. However, it’s extremely important to factor in your size, the temperature, how much energy you’re exerting, and how you feel in general. If you feel thirsty, drink. If you’re playing beach volleyball in the hot sun, drink more. Hydrate regularly and often. Make it your practice to drink water with your meals. Listen to your body and make an effort to increase your water consumption, especially in the summer.

Have a Healthy and Happy Summer; Contact a Tampa Bay Chiropractor for More Information Today 

Summer is the ideal time to get outside and enjoy life. Experienced chiropractic care can help you do just that. If you are interested in how chiropractic care can help you make the most of your summer – and every season – do not hesitate to contact Tampa Bay Spine & Injury for an appointment today. We’re here to help you get your summer right. Give us a call at one of our two conveniently located offices in Brandon (813-381-3852) and St. Petersburg (727-898-3852) or email us through our online contact form.


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