Work Injury Physical Therapy – Common Injuries for Laborers

Work Injury Physical Therapy - Common Injuries for LaborersThe most common workplace injuries among laborers are sprains and strains, and this is indicative of the fact that most of the injuries sustained by people in positions of labor do not stem from working with dangerous machinery or materials. In fact, the most common non-fatal job-related injury is back injury. The most common work-related injuries incurred by laborers are caused by everyday workplace activities and conditions. These include those many jobs that require heavy lifting, excessive standing or sitting, and repetitive or awkward motions such as:

  • Construction work
  • Manufacturing jobs
  • Transportation work
  • Work in the wholesale trade
  • Work in the retail trade
  • Service work
  • Health-care work
  • Desk jobs

What Are Strains and Sprains?

A strain occurs when your muscles or tendons are torn and is most common in the lower back and hamstring. A sprain, on the other hand, occurs when your ligaments, which connect your bones to other bones and keep your joints in place, tear and cause swelling and, often, a good deal of pain. Sprains occur most often in the ankles or knees.

Preventing These Common Injuries

You can be proactive in preventing work-related injuries and this should start with eating a healthy diet that includes the recommended amounts of calcium and vitamin D. You should also strive to combine aerobic exercise with abdomen- and back-strengthening exercise. In this way, you can improve your balance, strength, and stamina while you also enjoy a healthier lifestyle that decreases your risk of being involved in a work-related accident. If you do sustain a work-related injury, help is available.

Contact a Tampa Bay Chiropractor About Work Injury Physical Therapy

If you are suffering from a work-related injury, you should not hesitate to contact Tampa Bay Spine & Injury for an appointment today. We are here to help. Because we provide truly integrated physical medicine, every patient at Tampa Bay Spine & Injury is evaluated by a medical provider. No client’s file is complete without the expertise of multiple providers, including chiropractors. Our aim is to fully understand your physical condition, to provide relief from pain, and to carefully guide you back to an injury-free life. We have two offices that are conveniently located in Brandon (813-381-3852) and St. Petersburg (727-898-3852), so please call us for the help you need with your work-related injury.

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