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Tampa Bay Spine & Injury is a pain management clinic serving two locations, St. Petersburg and Brandon, FL. We provide state of the art, in office, same day, digital X-rays.

Imaging of any type was once a lengthy process involving photographic film, potential need for re-takes and days spent waiting for the results of X-rays. Tampa Bay Spine & Injury has banished the delay, providing access to digital filmless x-ray imaging directly on-site on the day of your treatment. This form of imaging uses X-ray sensors in the place of traditional photographic film, capturing crisp images digitally in seconds for a patient. Digital X-rays yield more information for the doctors and pain management specialists, making it possible to give you the kind of medical care that you deserve.

Digital X-rays and Soft Tissue Ligament Damage

Ligament laxity is a cause of chronic pain, characterized by loose ligaments. While this condition runs unchecked in the body for roughly five percent of the population, while others may find that they only have loose ligaments in the spine; feet or arms. The normal body keeps healthy ligaments, the tissues that connect bone to bone, tight in a way that restricts motion that falls outside of the normal range. The tight connection creates and promotes joint stability. Ligament laxity may result in the healthy body from sports injury, repetitive use injury and injuries from an automobile accident.

Ligament laxity has been notoriously difficult to image with traditional affordable imaging techniques, forcing most patients to resort to an upright MRI for diagnosis. This all changed with the introduction of DXD (Digital X-ray Digitizer) software recently, a program which allows our chiropractic office to digitize any X-ray format and measure the severity of soft tissue ligament damage with incredible accuracy. All measurements are based upon AMA Impairment Guidelines and reflect the true nature of the joint stability. Unstable joints will eventually cause arthritic conditions so it is beneficial to know where we should concentrate our attention during treatment. Our ultimate goal is to return you to a healthy active lifestyle much faster and set you up for a healthy future. DXD makes that possible.

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