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Florida Shoulder Physical Therapy & Shoulder Pain Therapy St. Petersburg, FL If you would like to work out regularly and maintain shoulder health for the long haul, you will need some advice on how to get the job done.  With that in mind, here are some tips to build shoulders that are impervious to long-term injury.

Challenge your shoulder blade positioning with pressing movements.

The entire world knows and loves the bench press, a fact which is perfectly fine because it is fantastic compound exercise.  However, when your back is pinned to a bench, it is impossible for your shoulder blades to move freely.  This means you may lose the ability to move your shoulders overhead without pain.  You need to complement an exercise like the bench press with other movements where shoulder blade can move freely.  A push-up variation happens to be a great choice.

It may not be fun but you should train your rotator cuff.

Doing rotator cuff exercises is not sexy or fun but you need to do it or else bad things will happen to your shoulder.  Even people without shoulder pain have rotator cuff tears and the frequency of tears increases as people age.  This means that just because you do not have pain, it does not mean that you are living without rotator cuff injuries.  It is probably just waiting to reach a specific pain threshold.  With the potential for injury in mind, you want to begin to train your rotator cuff with external rotations once a week in sets of three.

Make sure your back is moving correctly.

Are you hunched over a computer terminal or a smart phone reading this article?  Of course you are!
You will be happy to know that the misery of living behind a computer screen is not your burden to carry alone!  A lot of people out there spend their day behind a computer and we are all developing a hunchback posture due to our rounded back position.  The good news is that this can be improved with two exercises performed daily:

    • Supine alternated shoulder flexion on a tennis ball.
    • Side-lying windmill.

We see a lot of painful shoulder injuries and we can guarantee that if more people took shoulder conditioning to heart, there would be fewer patients suffering.  These are quick and easy adjustments to make, we recommend you give us a call at (813) 381-3852 if you have any questions regarding specific suggestions given in this article.

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