A Guide to Whiplash

A guide to whiplash:

Are neck injuries common in modern life?

Neck pain is a common reason why people visit their doctor.  Almost seventy-five percent of all adults in North America will suffer from neck pain at one time or another during their life.  For up to twenty percent of all who suffer from neck pain, the discomfort will refuse to go away.  Nagging symptoms do not necessarily mean that someone is irreparably damaged.

Can you tell me what whiplash is?

Whiplash and a host of other medical conditions related to whiplash are a range of neck injuries caused by sudden distortions of the neck.  The most common way these neck injuries occur is through a rear-end vehicle collision.  A common symptom reported by whiplash victims is pain due to mild muscle strain, or minor tearing of soft tissue in the neck.  Other injuries include nerve damage, disc damage, ruptures of ligaments in the neck an even a broken neck.  Minor whiplash injuries result in pain and decreased movement in both the head and neck of the accident victim.  The symptoms will typically only last a short time, but can sometimes last longer and include headaches; dizziness and tingling in the extremities of the upper body.  It is still a medical mystery what happens in the body to produce certain whiplash symptoms, but it is thought that long-term pain after whiplash is due to nerve damage.  Short-term pain is more likely cause by minor muscle strain or sprain.

How long will it take me to recover from whiplash?

Every patient is different.  Most people can continue their normal daily activities and work, even though symptoms may take weeks or months to go away.  Healing will take time.  Only three percent of people with whiplash find it is impossible to work after one full year.

What treatments can help with my neck pain from whiplash?

Most whiplash injuries respond to a simple and straight forward approach:

  • Try to remain active.
  • Keep engaged with you work and social life.
  • Keep a positive attitude, laughter is the best medicine.
  • Talk with a professional from Tampa Bay Spine & Injury about neck exercises to do at home.
  • Make time for safe activities, as advised by Tampa Bay Spine & Injury that help you reduce stress.
  • Take steps to prevent future potential neck injuries in your automobile!

If it is time to wage war on neck pain caused by whiplash, the team from Tampa Bay Spine & Injury looks forward to helping you chart the path toward a happier and healthier life!  Contact our office at 813.381.3852 to schedule an appointment!

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