10 Most Common Sports Injuries & Sports Massage Therapy

10 Most Common Sports Injuries & Sports Massage TherapyAs any athlete knows, a sports injury is not just inconvenient—it can also be a career killer. Thankfully, most injuries incurred when playing sports are minor and related to the overuse of a muscle group. However, if left untreated even these small conditions can lead to big problems, which is why it’s important to know the risks. With this list of the ten most common sports injuries you’ll know what to watch out for.

#1—Pulled Muscles
A pulled muscle occurs when the fibers of a muscle group are stretched beyond their capacity and some are torn. Fatigue and overuse are the two biggest culprits behind pulled muscles, so always make sure to warm up and cool down properly when playing sports.

#2—Lower Back Pain
While any athlete can experience lower back pain, it’s most commonly seen in weightlifters, tennis players, and golfers. All three of these sports require lots of use from the muscles in your lower back, which can lead to pain without the proper training.

#3—Tennis Elbow
While tennis elbow obviously affects tennis players most frequently, it’s also a condition that plagues golfers as well. Tennis elbow is due to an inflammation of the muscles surrounding the bones in your elbow and is primarily caused by poor form.

#4—Runner’s Knee
Runner’s knee is caused by a misalignment of the kneecap. Typically when you run, your kneecap moves up and down; however, it is possible for it to move closer to one side, which can cause the cartilage to wear out.

#5—Rotator Cuff Injuries
Baseball pitchers rely quite a bit on their rotator cuff (the collection of muscles and tendons in the shoulder) when throwing a baseball. However, this frequent use can lead to an inflammation of the tendons. Minor cuff injuries can be cured with rest and ice, but severe ones may require surgery.

#6—Shin Splints
Shin splints are a common injury among runners and affect the muscles around the shin. There are several possible causes for shin splints including running on a hard surface or overuse.

#7—Sprained Ankle
A sprain occurs when the ligaments around the foot are injured due to a twisted ankle. There are varying degrees of an ankle sprain depending on the severity of the injury.

#8—Neck Pain
The muscles supporting your neck are some of the most sensitive in your body, so it’s quite easy to injure them accidentally during the course of an athletic event. Gentle stretching and ice should help with minor injuries.

#9—Bone Fractures
Bone fractures are typically only common in high intensity sports, but overuse can also cause minor “stress” fractures in less intense sports as well.

#10—Joint Dislocation
It takes a lot of pressure to dislocate a joint, so these are typically only found in contact sports. However, an accidental fall in any type of sport can lead to a dislocated joint as well.

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